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HealthSpark is a cloud-based Hospital Management System Software, a unique approach to improving your hospital business efficiency and profitability. Our application is designed to manage each department’s medical, administrative, and financial processes. you can decrease employee stress by organizing tasks and creating processes right inside the hospital itself. With HealthSpark Software you can strategize for your operations and make better decisions about financial resources; set up templates for specific procedures such as beds, labor, and delivery rooms, and operating rooms; assign work schedules, training programs, and more.

In the HealthSpark Software Analytics module, we’ve built a powerful and easy-to-use reporting platform so you can customize your reports with just a few clicks. You’ll always have access to your patient’s complete medical history and data, as well as how long they’ve been under your care. HealthSpark Software enables you to make faster, smarter decisions about your patient’s treatment, which means more time for you.

Benefits Of The Hospital management system

HealthSpark is a software platform designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of healthcare processes. It Improves equipment reliability and operational efficiency while controlling cost. It provides staff with the tools they need to manage their resources effectively, reduce medication errors, and improve quality control.


Features of the Hospital Management System Software

Our hospital management software is a complete solution for all your crucial needs. It can be used by the hospital Side and patient side, offering business-like features to save time, money, and energy.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

  • Secure online access of medical records to patients, and physicians.
  • Records patient assessment and treatment plan.
  • Manage patient care transfers or requests for consultations with physicians.
  • Immediate view of Laboratory, Procedure reports, and Medical images
  • Receive reminders of patient care events.

Appointments and Scheduling

  • It’s easy to keep track of appointments and follow-ups of all physicians in one place.
  • Booking multiple slots for patients in different departments.
  • Manage daily appointments and follow-up consultant doctors efficiently.
  • Inform Appointments, Follow-up status Patients and Doctors by SMS alerts.
  • Online patient referrals and consultations with other physicians.
  • Appointment Cancellation or Rescheduling

Out-Patient Registration

  • Patient demographic information, which includes the patient’s name, social security number, gender, insurance information, and more is entered into the system automatically.
  • Auto-generate medical record numbers for all patients.
  • Maintains patient health records and billing information for each visit.
  • Search using multiple criteria. 
  • Send accurate bills to insurance companies quickly.
  • A software for hospital management that can manage separate price lists for each insurance company. Also generates different packages for each insurance company.

In-Patient Registration

  • Hospital software is used to manage the flow of patients through the hospital by making sure they receive the best care in each area, such as staff allotment and bed allotment.
  • The software comes with a nurse station, nursing record, and medical record so you can make sure that there is no confusion between different departments when providing care.
  •  It also includes room allocation and bed allocation systems to ensure appropriate treatment.
  • Hospital software will give you the ability to monitor patient progress and report in a timely manner

Secure Login

  • Secure online access.
  • Access patient records across multiple sites
  • Keep track of patients’ appointments, and follow-ups online.
  • Order or View Lab tests, Radiology, Procedure reports, and Medical images.
  • Print patient prescriptions, assessments, and treatment plans.
  • Share relevant patient information with other physicians for opinion.
  • View patient’s Medical history, Medication, Allergies, Immunization, and Vital Signs.
  • Add an Electronic signature for a prescription.a

Laboratory Management

  • Powerful reporting.
  • Define individual routine templates for recording results.
  • Improve your sample management with barcode efficiency.
  • Print reference ranges based on age and gender.
  • Find patient records and blood preserves quickly.
  • Receives and dispatches samples from off-site laboratories efficiently.
  • Keep track of repeat tests of each patient.
  • Send reports to view, download, or print easily by authorized patients, and referring doctors.

Pharmacy and Inventory

  • Track every aspect of inventory used for patients.
  • Provides a complete list of available drugs.
  • Manage outpatient pharmacy sales, purchase, and expiry of items.
  • Uses stocks based on their batch no, manufacture, and expiry date.
  • Keep track of damaged items.
  • Reconcile item counts with what’s actually on hand.
  • Receive automated reminders when the stock drops below a predefined level.
  • Automate monitoring of items for expiring products.
  • Return stock to suppliers.
  • Track supplier and manufacturer information of stocks.

Accounts and Expenses

  • Quickly records bills, and expenses and keeps a record of every spending.
  • Track payments for purchase invoices and quick review on which one paid or not.
  • Categorize your expenses and helps you identify where you have been spending.
  • Track the status of billable, unbilled expenses, invoices, and reimbursement.
  • Record and monitor multiple bank accounts. a transaction like cheques, deposits, and fund transfers.

User Access Control

  • Assign individual doctors and staff logins.
  • Define user security profiles to allow access to appropriate information and transactions.
  • All processes on systems are known through user authentication.
  • Secure online access of medical records to patients, and physicians.
  • Provision to authorize observing, changing, approving, and generation of reports.
  • Create user’s access rights with administrator only.

Analytic Reports

  • Total Patients Registration.
  • Total Collection.
  • Due Status & Collection.
  • Consultant & Refer Doctor.
  • Refer Hospital / Laboratory.
  • Insurance / Ref Lab Collection.
  • Marketing Executive Performance.
  • Area Wise Patient.
  • User Collection.
  • Department Wise Collection.
  • Test Wise Collection.
  • General Expenses.
  • Test Wise Amount.
  • Sample Send Outside.
  • PNDT.

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